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Proactive Workplace Drug and Alcohol Risk Management Services

Ensuring members of your team are not working while affected by drugs and alcohol involves more than drug testing people. It means changing the workplace mindset toward drugs and alcohol. Doing so has profound and positive impacts on their lives and your business.

Drug and Alcohol Policy Development

The first step to becoming DrugProof

Actively managed drug and alcohol policies.

Policies that go beyond drug testing people and focus on impairment and consider all facets of business risk, including Health and Safety.


Drug and Alcohol Policy Implementation

Policy is about action, not simply words on paper.

Rolling out a clear and well understood policy,

Drug testing people may be part of your strategy. Knowledge of what to look for, how to act and focusing on impairment, is how you can begin to reap the benefits.


Addressing Issues and Aligning Attitudes

You found a problem? So what next?

Identifying issues with drugs and alcohol is inevitable

When drug testing people, issues will be identified. How you respond is what makes the difference. We have the experience and relationships that help people address habits and behaviours and improve performance.


Training, Testing Equipment and Supplies

Building your capability

Essential training and equipment to actively manage risk

Training for drug testing people using AS/NZ Standard compliant equipment so you can manage costs and be compliant


Our Purpose

To help PCBUs develop and implement policies and procedures in the workplace that allow the business and its people to flourish because the negative influences of drugs and/or alcohol have been eliminated.

Our Core Values

What you can expect when working with us.

Our Clients Say

Debbie’s experience and knowledge have been invaluable in helping us implement an effective drug and alcohol policy, that allows the risks to be well managed without compromising our business operations.

Auckland Commercial Business Operator

Having the ability to bring large parts of our drug and alcohol policy testing programme in-house, gives us control over the process and massively reduces costs. Knowing we have the back up from Debbie and her team gives us confidence in moving this forward.

National Contractor Group

Latest News

Interesting articles that reinforce the value that comes from going beyond drug testing people and actively managing the risks associated with drug and alcohol use by team members.

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‘Beersies’ are a normalised part of Kiwi culture. Have been for decades. Not everybody chooses to imbibe. But plenty of us do. And alcohol is often present at work functions. Tales of what went


Trusted Partners

Proactively implementing drug and alcohol policy, particularly when drug testing people, identifies issues. Relationships with experienced and trusted partners help you implement solutions.

Need support with employment related matters?

Need support with employment-related matters?

Need support on changing habits and behaviours and raising staff performance?

Working with you

Together, we turn the risks drugs and alcohol present to the workplace, into opportunities to grow your business. The future is in your hands.

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